Film ‘Circular renovation – Old buildings with modular interior’

How to renovate old factories in a circular way? Discover the sustainable redevelopment of the Werkspoorfabriek in Utrecht (the Netherlands) with Gabrielle (Erfgoed Werkspoor Utrecht) and Eldin (Sustainer Homes) in the film Circular renovation – Old buildings with modular interior. The episode is part of the film series Werkspoorkwartier Utrecht, creative and circular manufacturing.

Werkspoorfabriek as communal building for businesses

Up until the 1970’s, the 175 metre-long building was used for the production of trains and bridges. Werkspoorfabriek is now a meeting place for creative entrepreneurs to work together and grow. The framework for the working community is the modular interior: the circular box-in-box system developed by Sustainer Homes.

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In Werkspoorkwartier in Utrecht creativity and circularity are central. Meet the makers and their initiatives in the film series Werkspoorkwartier Utrecht, creative and circular manufacturingThe previously published episode Circular Hub – From waste to building material shows the development of circular hub Buurman Utrecht in the area.

The project ‘Werkspoorkwartier: creative, circular manufacturing’ transforms the former industrial area into an iconic circular hub by and for creative circular entrepreneurs. The project and film series are made possible by the European Regional Development Fund.

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