Project partners

The project ERDF Werkspoorkwartier unites several organisations in transforming the area to a creative and circular hotspot.

Project partners:

  • werkspoorkathedraalErfgoed Werkspoor Utrecht (in Dutch)
    Real estate developer Erfgoed Werkspoor Utrecht wants to improve the quality of Werkspoorkwartier, for example by redeveloping Werkspoorkathedraal, Werkspoorfabriek and other buildings in the area.
  • hof van cartesius werkspoorkwartierHet Hof van Cartesius (in Dutch)
    Cooperation Het Hof van Cartesius is the initiator of the repositioning and redeveloping of Werkspoorkwartier. Het Hof van Cartesius is a dynamic meeting place that is built with circular materials on a vacant lot.
    Contact: Bianca Ernst,
  • werkplaats buurman materialen logo werkspoorkwartierBuurman groep (in Dutch)
    Buurman groep uses their experience with reusing materials for the development of the Circular Hub in Werkspoorkwartier. This Circular Hub makes the recycling of building materials possible for schools, organisations and consumers.
  • buroboot vierkant logo werkspoorkwartierBOOT organiserend ingenieursbureau (in Dutch)
    BOOT has experience in circular demolition projects and the re-purposing of materials. The engineering office wants to bring the national reuse of (building) materials up to 25%. For the ERDF project Werkspoorkwartier BOOT facilitates the circular (re)development of several buildings.
    Contact: Maria van Driel,
  • copernicus logo universiteit utrecht werkspoorkwartierUniversiteit Utrecht / Copernicus Instituut
    University of Utrecht and Copernicus Institute research and develop processes and possibilities for sustainable developments within in the areas of sustainability and life cycles.
  • logo hu hogeschool utrecht werkspoorkwartierHogeschool Utrecht / Center of Expertise Smart Sustainable Cities
    Hogeschool Utrecht and Center of Expertise Smart Sustainable Cities have a broad knowledge of the development of urban areas. They are involved with several research projects in Werkspoorkwartier, for example in circular building, product development, logistics and monitoring.
    Contact: Evert-Jan Velzing,
  • hku logo hogeschool kunsten utrecht werkspoorkwartierHogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht
    Hogeschool voor de Kunsten contributes to the development of the Circular Hub and start-ups. The school provides creative contribution to circular topics.
  • USI Utrecht Sustainability Institute logo werkspoorkwartierUtrecht Sustainability Institute
    Utrecht Sustainability Institute is a regional knowledge and innovation broker in the area of sustainable urban development. The focus is on the strategic supplies of materials, energy and water in the city. Utrecht Sustainability Institute is the project manager of ERDF project Werkspoorkwartier.
    Contact: Tony Schoen,
  • werkplaats buurman materialen logo werkspoorkwartierBuurman Utrecht (in Dutch)
    Buurman Utrecht recycles building materials. This Circular Hub makes the recycling of building materials possible for schools, organisations and consumers.


Project ‘Werkspoorkwartier: Creative Circular Manufacturing’ is supported by Mitros, Gispen, Van Scherpenzeel, Rever, Wij3.0, Cirkelstad, The Wood Collection, Stichting Bouwloods Utrecht, Oskam and the city of Utrecht. These organizations will contribute specific knowledge and experience in the project, so that the project results will be optimized.


The project ‘Werkspoorkwartier: Creative Circular Manufacturing’ is made possible by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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