Project ‘Werkspoorkwartier: Creative Circular Manufacturing’ will make the area attractive for small SMEs and the creative industries. Several developments are taking place in the area:

plattegrond Werkspoorkwartier Utrecht

by Jochem Coenen

Hof van Cartesius Utrecht

Het Hof van Cartesius
A vacant lot will become a working space for starting, creative entrepreneurs and a dynamic meeting space in the area. The buildings are made of reused building materials and construction waste materials.

circulaire renovatie Werkspoorfabriek

Several existing buildings will be circularly renovated, for example ‘Werkspoorfabriek/Lasloods’. These will become locations for new activity in the area.

Vrijhaven UtrechtVrijhaven
Vrijhaven: an inviting hotspot for experiment, creativity and exposition. Here, artists and creative entrepreneurs build their own circular working space.

haven werkspoorkwartier utrecht

The abandoned industrial harbour will be transformed into a public space with sustainable hospitality sites.

Buurman werkplaats materialenCircular hub
The ERDF project Werkspoorkwartier develops a ‘circular hub’ for innovative and high-quality reuse of construction materials: Buurman Utrecht. Locally scrapped materials will become base materials for other productions.