Co-Creating to transform the Werkspoor area

The 7th of June saw the first of two sessions of a Co-Create workshop aiming to develop a concept and prototype for an interactive tour in the Werkspoor area in Utrecht. The tour will support the transformation of the former industrial site into a sustainable and creative area. This workshop aims to collect ideas and to find an appropriate way to tell and share stories to attract visitors and new entrepreneurs to the area.

A very diverse group including community members and representatives of the city participated in this session. The Co-Create workshop took place in Het Hof van Cartesius, one of the locations of project ‘Werkspoorkwartier: Creative Circular Hotspot’. The following session will be held on the 19th of June.

hof van cartesius workshop co-creatie werkspoorkwartier

Photo: Gabrielle Muris and Bianca Ernst

European Creative Business Network writes: “New collectives of creative entrepreneurs are touching base in the area and formerly closed spaces are now open for the public. As there is no central steering on the redevelopment of the area, because of fragmented property relations and the absence of a guiding role by the municipality, soft interventions are needed to support the transformation strategy. One example of a soft intervention is the cooperation between the Werkspoorkathedraal, the creative cooperation Hof van Cartesius and companies and knowledge institutions on the topic of circular development and place-making in the area.”

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